Sierra Leone is a nation rising out of years of hardship. A brutal decade-long civil war took the lives of over fifty thousand people in the 1990s, and in the aftermath the country has faced an Ebola crisis followed by a deadly mudslide. Ranking number 179 out of 188 on the Human Development Index, Sierra Leone has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world.

The people of Sierra Leone, however, are vibrant and full of life. They are eager to see their country flourish, and the Lord is moving in mighty ways across the nation. Despite being predominately Muslim, Christianity is widely accepted and many people are eager to come to the Lord. The Lulu Tree’s focus in Sierra Leone is partnering with pastors to plant churches, provide support through micro-loans to vulnerable families, and help villages grow a surplus of food through agricultural development.

Orphan and Family Care

Learn about our heart to protect orphans and equip families.  To read more, please go here.

Birthing Clinic

This birthing room clinic will bring healing to 12 different villages, through a pastor’s vision and Lulu’s partnership with the Sierra Leone government.  To learn more, please go HERE.

Sustainable Farming

These men are receiving the training and tools necessary to care for their families through sustainable farming. To learn more, go HERE.

Microloan Program

To learn how pastors in 12 different villages are overseeing microloan programs for vulnerable women, go HERE.

Church Planting

Mosques are prevalent in Sierra Leone. We long to build churches in villages which have none, and to train up national pastors. Will you partner with Pastor Sonnel Kamara in this dream? Click here to learn more.

FGM Rescue Program

Run by a former FGM group leader, our rescue program is led by those who understand the culture and can influence their communities to show the love of Christ to those who have no voice. Click HERE for more information.