Liberia is a  lush, rolling-hill country on the West African coast racked by former civil war and ebola crises.

English is its official language. The country’s capital and largest city is Monrovia. Sierra Leone is its neighbor.

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic. Before the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic the country had 50 doctors for its population of 4.3 million. The country’s health system was seriously weakened by a civil war that ended in 2003.

Although founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Liberia is mostly inhabited by indigenous Africans, with the slaves’ descendants comprising 5% of the population.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the average age of its citizens is 17.9 years.

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preventing tomorrow’s orphans in Liberia by…

equipping churches

pastoral training

Pastor David Zawu is the overseer of three churches in Liberia. It is his hope to see the church become a bright light in Liberia, lifting his people out of darkness and despair through the hope of Jesus Christ. Go here to learn more.

equipping villages

sustainable farming

Pastor Zawu is sustaining local communities through rice, cocoa and palm farms, as well as the rearing of goats. Click here to learn more.

equipping families


Pastor Zawu is assisting families in the churches he oversees through a microloan program. To learn more, please go here.

affordable education

Pastor Zawu received a dream in 2008 telling him to start a school offering affordable education for families. Now it has over 750 students. Learn more here.