Burundi is a country in east-central Africa, south of the Equator. The landlocked country, a historic kingdom, is one of the few countries in Africa whose borders were not determined by colonial rulers.

God Led Us

The second-poorest country in the world, Burundi, the heart of Africa, is birth-home for our Director of Development & Training, Steve James.

The greatest challenge in Burundi is its devastating poverty. People are so hungry they steal pig food. But the greatest asset of Burundi is its singing. “Africa does not have much, but it has singing,” says Steve’s dad, Simeon.

And right now they’re praising the God who, in February of 2024, launched a one-year program for some of the poorest single mothers in Bujumbura. Twenty mothers, under the care of Steve’s mom, Marie, were selected to receive sustainable projects and discipleship training for one year. Each month these mothers meet in a local church to pray, eat together, and be trained in the Word and in financial stewardship. The goal is to continue this program, yearly, so that more and more mothers can be equipped spiritually and physically to care for their children.

Additionally, a poultry education center has been launched, with the goal of one day sustaining future ministry to mothers and pastors in Burundi.

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About Burundi

Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura, lies at the northeastern end of Lake Tanganyika. The old section of the city comprises buildings from the German and Belgian colonial periods, as well as a central market filled with hundreds of vendors’ booths. The country’s second city, Gitega, is also its cultural capital, containing the national museum and several schools. Gitega lies near the southernmost source of the Nile River and a spectacular waterfall, Chutes de la Kagera.


What God is doing

in Burundi

Equipping Villages


A poultry project has been launched in-country with the goal of one day sustaining current ministry projects, removing dependency on foreign sources.

Through the hard work of local volunteers, land has been donated, a chicken coop constructed, and a certain breed of chicken — an egg-laying variety — purchased. With time, it is our hope that the sales of the eggs and the incubation of fertilized ones will not only sustain discipleship training, but will provide chicken projects as a sustainable option for vulnerable mothers. We also hope the center will be a place where local pastors and mothers can come and acquire knowledge about how to raise poultry.

Equipping Families


We prayerfully select 20 vulnerable mothers for each one-year discipleship program. The mothers chosen belong to a local church and are widows, or abandoned, or their husbands are disabled or ill. Each participant receives a sustainable project of her choosing, in line with the allotted budget.

The projects are then monitored by the local church, and training given monthly in finance, budgeting, and tithing.

Projects include tailoring, catering, goat or chicken rearing, decorating, hairdressing, and providing educational services such as computer skills.

Upon completion of the year, it is expected that each mother would then use some of her profits to assist another needy woman in her community, thus continuing the cycle of ending poverty.

Equipping Churches


In addition to meeting their material needs, each of the mothers is enrolled in a one-year discipleship program consisting of 12 Bible-based courses. The mothers gather weekly to study together and eat a meal together. Often they will also engage in a form of game.

The biblical courses, supplied by Harvestime Institute, train the mothers to not only love themselves as Christ loves them, but to share the gospel with their children and their neighbors. Courses include Biblical Theology, Strategies for a Spiritual Harvest, and Intercessory Prayer.

Mothers then graduate after one year with a one-year discipleship certificate, strengthened in the knowledge that they are a beloved daughter of the Most High God.


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