Known as “The Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is home to beautiful Lake Victoria and just under 40 million people. Twenty years of conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army and a decades-long battle with AIDS have left the country struggling, contributing to its ranking as number 163 out of 188 on the Human Development Index. In addition, the country has a high undernourishment and child mortality rate.

preventing tomorrow’s orphans in Uganda by…

equipping churches

pastoral training

Through Truth Centered Transformation training, over 100 pastors are being equipped to lead their communities out of poverty. To learn more, please go here.

equipping villages


In partnership with local churches, hundreds of mama kits and reusable pads (both sewn and packaged by our mamas in Uganda) have been distributed in an effort to both save newborns and redeem the lives of teen girls, as well as to share the Gospel message. For more info on Lulu outreaches, please go here.

equipping families

mama school

The Lulu Tree is educating teen mothers who’ve been kicked out of school due to getting pregnant. To learn more, please go here.