Known as “The Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is home to beautiful Lake Victoria and just under 40 million people.

God Led Us

The Lulu Tree began in Uganda, in the slum of Katwe, summer of 2014. After about two years the Lord sent us to the pastors in the villages to develop permanent roots.

Since then, over a hundred students have graduated across Uganda through the Harvestime curriculum, mothers have been equipped to care for their children through tailoring, dozens of pastors have been equipped with piggeries and audio Bibles, and hundreds of people have come to Christ through mama kit outreaches and jajja (grannie) outreaches.

The Lord has also given The Lulu Tree a farm on two acres of land, a school with dorms, and a retreat center with a study hall, dorms, and two guesthouses. The farm and school are currently being rented out by a local believer, Headmaster George, who is caring for teenage mothers and vulnerable children. The retreat center is currently being completed for the purpose of sustaining future ministry. 

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About Uganda

Twenty years of conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army and a decades-long battle with AIDS have left the country struggling, contributing to its ranking as number 163 out of 188 on the Human Development Index. In addition, the country has a high undernourishment and child mortality rate.

What God is doing

in Uganda

Equipping Schools

Sustainable Farming

In Uganda, the Lord has provided two acres near the School of Hope in the fertile land of Jinja. Overseen by a young man who belongs to one of Lulu Uganda’s first sponsored families, the farm has developed to include a farmhouse, bathrooms, a rainwater harvester, and dozens of fruit trees. The fruit trees are being cultivated to support future ministry in Uganda.

Meanwhile, Headmaster George rents out the remainder of the farm to support the School of Hope. Maize, cassava, beans and other vegetables are being grown to feed the teenage mothers and vulnerable children at the school.

Equipping Villages

A School for Teenage Mothers

Pastors in Uganda are helping to house, educate and reconcile teenage mothers who’ve been kicked out of school due to getting pregnant.

When teen mothers get pregnant (often through rape) in Uganda, they are abused in front of their classmates by teachers for “setting a bad example,” then expelled from school.

The School of Hope is the first school for teenage mothers in Uganda. Now it has expanded to include community children such as pastors’ children, the disabled, and others needing affordable education. Bunkbeds are available for teenage mothers and their babies as well as others who commute to school.

Equipping Churches

Harvestime Training

The majority of village pastors in Uganda do not have any theological education. Some don’t even have a high school education, or a complete Bible, but just a call from God into ministry. The Lulu Tree equips sincere church leaders with a free 21-course theological curriculum called Harvestime. At the end of the 21 courses, these pastors then graduate with a diploma in Biblical Ministries, as well as an audio Bible, provided by In Touch Ministries, in their local language.

Pastors have also been equipped with piggeries across Uganda to help sustain their families and ministries.

Equipping Families

Saving Lives at Birth

In Uganda, mothers are turned away from the hospital if they don’t bring their own supplies for childbirth. Unfortunately most women in the villages and slums cannot afford these basic supplies, and so are forced to give birth in unsanitary conditions or to share supplies with others, often spreading and contracting the HIV/AIDS virus.

Lulu Mama Kits provide hope to women in Uganda who are otherwise unable to deliver their babies in hospitals. Kits are distributed to mothers in need and with every kit, the gospel is shared. Hundreds of lives have been saved, with mothers giving their lives to Christ, and their babies being safely delivered in the hospital.


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