Will you help the local church in Africa prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families?

We desire for your donation to go where you intend it to go. That’s why we all volunteer, often covering administrative costs out of our own pockets so that your gift can be sent to the front-lines of ministry. Your monthly partnership enables us to direct funds where they are most needed, supporting ongoing programs and national staff as well as providing for emergency needs.

But most importantly? It allows us to support God’s faithful servants who’ve been doing this work long before we showed up — ministers who daily lay down their lives even unto death. We are simply coming alongside them, an honor too big to express, to encourage them in this sacrifice.

So, thank you. For joining us in this privilege of partnering with the African church.

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To learn how you can give towards a specific project, please click on the Five Year Plan above relating to the country you are interested in helping. Outlined in each plan are different projects the national directors hope to achieve within a five year period.

The five-year plan consists of the overseeing pastor’s vision for sustainability for his country. This plan outlines how the church, sustained by microloan projects and savings groups for the pastors and congregations, can then care for its community. Examples include building schools, digging bore holes, and initiating soap-making, poultry-rearing, and brick building programs for widows, jajjas and youth. Once the villages are equipped, children are then able to be cared for by their own families.

Please note, this is their vision. Not ours. This is their heart for their people — all we do is prayerfully send whatever comes in each month, and then they account for how they’ve spend it according to the five year strategic plan.

The Lulu Tree is not meant to be a permanent source. Like the shea nut tree that gives us our name, we sprout to bear fruit simply for the season of hunger. Once the beautiful pastors and people have been trained and equipped to move forward, looking to God alone as their source, we will step aside. And we will watch them with joy from the sidelines, cheering them on, praying that life grows ever more abundant as poverty loses ground, for the glory of Jesus and the good of His children in the precious land of Africa. (To learn more about Lulu’s financial stewardship please go HERE)